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Raw material plantation

Your current location : Home >> 关于我们 >> Raw material plantation

Raw material plantation


     The production structure of natural flavor oil can be divided into two categories: one is wild natural varieties; The other is cultivated varieties. Some wild natural varieties, after many years of harvest and oil extraction, will fall into the resource depletion, and must be transformed from wild to artificial cultivation to base them through introduction, domestication, breeding and other methods. However, after a certain period of artificial cultivation, the varieties will degenerate and mutate, and the content and quality of essential oils will decrease. In the cultivation process, we not only remove impurities, rejuvenate and improve the cultivation techniques, but also strengthen the breeding of varieties.

      Jiangxi it mild climate, sufficient sunshine, abundant rainfall, a humid subtropical monsoon climate, water quality and air quality remained above the national first class standard, very beneficial to crops and vegetation, the forest coverage rate of 86%, is given priority to with natural secondary forest, coniferous forest area is large, rich in Chinese fir, pine, bamboo and camellia and citrus, etc., is one of the five big fir growing areas in China, is very rich in natural resources, is the national important woody oil base. Such conditions for the planting of natural spices is also very appropriate, coupled with reasonable land prices and low-cost labor, attracted many domestic and foreign spice oil buyers.