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Introduction to terpinol

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Introduction to terpinol

2019-05-22 11:40:18

English name: terpinol

Chinese alias: terpene alcohol

English name: alpha-terpineol, mixture of alpha-and gamma-terpineol

English alias: L-alpha-terineol netural; (8S)-p-menth-1-en-8-ol;  2-[(1S)-4-methylcyclohex-3-en-1-yl]propan-2-ol;  2-(4-methylcyclohex-3-en-1-yl)propan-2-ol


MDL: MFCD00001557 [1]


Molecular formula: C10H18O

Molecular weight: 154.2493

Properties: colorless viscous liquid or transparent crystal with low melting point.

The relative density was 0.9337℃.

Curing point 40℃.

Boiling point 220.85 ℃.

The refractive index is 1.4831.

Combustible, general industrial products for the mixture of three isomers. α-terpineol has three optical isomers: left-handed, right-handed and racemic. (+) -α-body exists in essential oils such as turpentine, cardamom, sweet orange and nutmeg. (-) -α-body exists in essential oils such as pine needle oil, cinnamon leaf oil, lemon oil, white lemon oil, etc. (±) -α-body exists in essential oils such as geranium oil and Yushu oil. γ-body has been found in the leaf oil of cypress wood in Xizang. The distillation range is 214 ~ 224℃(101.3kPa). Insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol and other organic solvents. Nose of pittong flowers, sweet lilacs and lilies of the valley. Soluble in ethanol, slightly soluble in water and glycerin. 1 part terpineol soluble in 2 parts (volume) 70% ethanol solution, slightly soluble in water and glycerin

性状 :无色黏稠液体或低熔点透明结晶。  相对密度0.9337℃。  固化点40℃。  沸点220.85℃。  折射率1.4831。,松油醇简介