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Plant essential oils for premenstrual irritability

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Plant essential oils for premenstrual irritability

2020-07-25 09:03:22

To the elegant calm of her, suddenly anxious, irascible, here pain, there annoyed, most of the people will have a tacit understanding to say: "oh! Again! . This does not mean that the woman is about to start hysterics again! Experienced people know that in the eve of the "best friend" visit, women crazy and abnormal, in fact, is no more natural.

But if you want to perform in the workplace, how can you allow PMS irritability and discomfort to occur again and again? Whether it is diet medicine, fragrant essential oil, or sleep, the medical circle has no way to completely eliminate the "premenstrual syndrome group" to the female friends. But the pheromone treatment, which has been developed, may just be a lifesaver for women.

"Sex hormones" are chemicals that affect animals' courtship behavior, usually through the way they are absorbed by smell, and thus affect the brain's response to the animal's behavior.

Researchers in California studied 20 female subjects using a nasal spray made from the sex hormones released by the skin of men. It turns out that the vomeronasal organ, or VNO, in the nose is the main conduit for absorbing these sex hormones.

When sex hormone into the pipeline, the body of the hypothalamus is a command signal to the human body, make the women in the physiological period before physique, adjust as the same as the normal reaction condition, so that when the physiological period before female friends every absorption nasal spray of sex hormones, can maintain normal status within 24 hours (no physiological period) of similar response. So for the subject, the sex hormones relieve the discomfort of the PMS.

It may be some time before the sex hormone research can be applied to clinical treatments. But for women, there are other ways to deal with PMS discomfort. Experts suggest:

First, food: eat more calcium rich food in normal times, including soy milk, dried fish, yogurt, etc., can help the body to absorb enough calcium, in order to cope with the endocrine balance before the coming of menstruation required components.

Two, moderate exercise: usual exercise, so that the body to get full vitality, in order to menstrual approaching, the body's tension and fatigue down to a low.

Three, aromatic essential oil: rose, jasmine, lavender, citrus and other different kinds of aromatic essential oil, although each has its own curative effect. But some people just have a preference for one scent in particular. Instead of puzzling over different aromatic oils, choose one that makes you feel good and that you love at the first smell to relieve the discomfort of PMS.