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Essential oils character energetics

Your current location : Home >> News >> Industry information

Essential oils character energetics

2020-07-25 09:03:22

Orange blossoms (a smiling, tearful blessing woman)

Neroli has a natural wisdom that transcends the worldly and seems to have found its way to eternal youth. They always find pleasure in the ordinary things. Orange Flower is a kind woman with tears in her eyes and a smile, who wishes for others and inherits the most beautiful virtues of Chinese women. Neroli are prone to allergies and heart problems.

Usage of Neroli Essential Oil:

Facial: deep moisturizing, radiation - proof, has obvious effect against sunburn. Add Neroli essential oil to a moisturizer or lotion and use it.

Body: Neroli is also an essential oil that is good for the heart and can help reduce light pigmentation. Common formula: Neroli + rose with rose hip oil to wipe to improve areola dimness.

Spirit: gentle treatment of emotional injury, in the spirit of tolerance to you, let you calm. Can be used for incense or bath.