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Effect and usage of lemon massage essential oil

Your current location : Home >> News >> Common answer

Effect and usage of lemon massage essential oil

2020-07-25 09:04:19

1. Take 2-3 kinds of essential oils and mix with lemon essential oil no more than 5 drops.

2. Dilute it in 3-4 ml of botanical massage base oil.

3, in the face, head, neck and shoulders and other parts of the body massage, massage must be done at one go, do not stop in the middle.

Efficacy: lemon essential oil massage method can increase the speed of blood circulation, play the role of removing toxins in the body.

Tip: Different essential oils have different therapeutic effects. It is recommended to use essential oil massage under the guidance of a professional.

Lemon oil relaxes nerves

Summer, because the weather is relatively hot, the temperature is relatively high, so in such an environment, people inevitably some restlessness. And with essential oil can go heat in addition to impetuous, it is very suitable for summer.

1. Put a drop of lemon essential oil on the tissue paper.

2. Then suck hard 10 times. Your body and mind will feel relieved.

In addition, you can also use lavender essential oil to achieve the same effect.

Lemon essential oil used for massage for the need to whiten the female friend is again suitable, for the pressure of people more suitable, because it can relieve the nerves, in addition to the lack of manic is very beneficial.



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