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Aromatherapy essential oil

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Aromatherapy essential oil

2020-07-25 09:04:19

Aromatherapy essential oil is the plant essence extracted from plants with fragrance, which is often said to be plant hormones. Modern Europe developed aromatherapy is the use of aromatherapy essential oil to protect the body and mind. The essential oil extracted from plants not only has a special fragrance, but also has magical medicinal effects. It can balance and soothe the body and spirit by bathing and massaging.

Aromatherapy essential oils are completely volatile and soluble in alcohol and oil. Good penetration to the skin, easily absorbed by the skin. Indirect to the human body to promote, enhance, improve the positive function of the human body itself.

The history of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy beauty, is an ancient method of treatment, from the ancient Egyptian Cleopatra with roses covered the palace, China's Tang Dynasty Yang Guifei with flowers to soak bath

Today's fragrant hairdressing, having essential distinction with ancient times. "Aromatherapy" in history pays attention to shape and smell, and the material used is the plant itself. Today's "Aromatherapy Beauty" uses the essential oil extracted from the plant, and increases the effect of beautifying the body and skin, treating heart disease and strengthening the body. And the field of aromatherapy is fragrant, attached to hear, touch, smell, sight, taste, sentiment of the six sense therapy, let you listen to the soft aroma beauty music of rising and falling like the music, in the gentle fragrance light, in the elegant the scent refreshing field environment, accept professional beautician massage care, eventually make your face beautiful and moving, systemic skin fine and tight, make you heart god fan drunk, enjoy wilderness nourish, release exhaustion of body and mind and stress.

Role in the raw material

Essential oil can clear away heat and detoxify, clean skin, control oil content, whiten spots, remove wrinkle and tender skin, remove pouch and black eye circles, and promote the regeneration of damaged tissue and other skin care functions.

The basic classification

[pure essential oil] full name 100% pure natural plant essential oil, divided into single oil (single), compound oil (compound), base oil (base oil) three, the price is expensive.

A mixture of large quantities of cheap synthetic fragrances and small amounts of pure essential oils. Low price.

Vaporized Essential Oil is a moderately priced blend of 95% isopropyl alcohol and 5% single oil in pure essential oils.

Use the benefits

A. It can help the body recover

Most essential oils are medicinal and have healing properties that help the body achieve balance,

[B]. It's helpful on the spiritual level

Essential oil can promote the formation of endorphin, affect the nervous system, improve people's thinking mode, emotional state and relieve stress.

C. No burden on the body

Essential oil is obtained by the plant, the body can metabolize naturally, want to use properly only, won't cause a burden to the body, but artificial sweet atmosphere can remain inside body, still can make the body produces pathological change seriously.


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