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Refute the rumor!! Can essential oils treat diabetes?

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Refute the rumor!! Can essential oils treat diabetes?

2020-11-30 09:20:03

Many people love the aromatic smell of essential oils, while others advocate that essential oils can be used to treat diabetes. However, essential oils do not cure diabetes, but adding them to the management program can help relieve stress and the underlying symptoms of diabetic neuropathy.



If you've been following alternative therapies for type 2 diabetes, you probably know that many patients use essential oils, often to manage blood sugar, treat symptoms, and even cure the disease. While essential oils are a "natural" treatment, they can also have side effects.

What are essential oils made from and can they cure diabetes?

Essential oils are extracted from plants, but that doesn't mean they aren't effective. For example, 50 lemons extracted from a bottle of 15-milliliter(mL) essential oil, 3 lb (lb) lavender flower extracted from a bottle of 15 mL, and 105 lb rose petals extracted from a bottle of 5 mL. Essential oils do not reverse diabetes and there is no evidence that essential oils are sufficient as a diabetes drug.

A well-meaning friend or family member might say that essential oils can repair or cure diabetic neuropathy, but research on this is very limited. Lavender oil is particularly useful for neuropathy, according to researchers from Maryland Medical Center. Massaging the feet improves circulation and reduces pain. In addition to that, when it comes to the benefits of essential oils for diabetes it's supposed to be stress relief, and people with diabetes face a lot of stress. Anything that helps relieve stress is good for the sufferer, and the soothing effects of essential oils can help diabetics stay calm and comforted, which can also help to control blood sugar levels.