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The effect of pure water

Your current location : Home >> News >> Industry information

The effect of pure water

2020-07-25 09:03:22

Dew is the condensed water solution obtained from the distillation of aromatherapy plants.

In the distillation process, the oil and water are separated. Due to different densities, the essential oil floats on the top and the water deposits on the bottom. These parts are called the pure dew. In addition to containing a small amount of essential oils, the pure dew also contains all water-soluble substances in the plant body. Pure dews, which contain 100 percent plant water-soluble substances, contain mineral nutrients (such as tannins and flavonoids) that essential oils lack. Its low concentration is easy to be absorbed by the skin, completely without flavor and alcohol ingredients, mild and non-irritating, pure liquid can be used as a daily use, can also replace the pure water to make a variety of facial masks.

1. Plant nutrients are water soluble (e.g., vitamin C) and oil soluble (e.g., vitamin A).

2. Only the condensed liquid prepared by distillation is really pure dew, which contains all water-soluble nutrients, and a small part of oil-soluble nutrients (oil-saturated aqueous solution).

3, the British aromatherapy faction flower water and pure dew is the same thing. In accordance with international standards, Chinese skin care standards express pure liquid as XX flower water

4. Hydrolats of the French aromatherapy faction are obtained from the distillation of flowers, leaves, and branches, and eauxflorales from the distillation of petals

5. There is a saying that lotion is a derivative product from the process of refining essential oils. In fact, most essential oils have been extracted by alcohol extraction or CO2 extraction (high yield, high purity). Distillation is the basic extraction of flower water for the purpose of pure dew.

It has a similar effect and effect with plant essential oil itself, and it is more convenient to use. It not only has a variety of therapeutic and maintenance effects on the skin, but also has many uses in daily life.

Pure dew from essential oil distillation extraction fractionation essence, in the process of put fresh or by dry processing plant materials in the steam heat furnace, using steam volatile strong carry out plant aromatic essential oil, make the form contains essential oil vapor state, through the cooler tubes, use temperature condensed into liquid state, and separation in addition to the pure dew. Pure dew into many kinds of precious ingredients in plants, and contains about 0.3% ~ 0.5% water soluble components of essential oils, so retains essential oil fragrance, parts of efficacy and slight antimicrobial properties, and essential oils do not contain plant essence (e.g., tannins and flavonoids), make pure dew has the effect of skin, its characteristics of low concentration is more likely to be absorbed into the skin.

Common method of using pure liquid

1. Drink: one tablespoon at a time, three times a day. Of course, you can also add rock sugar and spiky tablets into the mixture to flush the water.

2. Face application: wet the mask paper with pure dew, apply it to the face until 80% dry, remove it and throw it away, the effect is good, the most obvious; Do not wait until the paper film is completely dry before taking it off, so that the water and nutrients will be sucked back to the paper film oh!

3. Replace toner: After each wash, spray the lotion on the face and gently pat the face with your hand. Use it continuously for several weeks to increase the moisture of the skin by 16%.

4, skin care: as a lotion, with the base oil and essential oil to make cream or emulsion;

5, facial spray: after mixing the product or several kinds of pure dew do facial spray, skin can be rapidly absorbed, and then feel dry, spray, the interval of dry skin also increases, repeated 10 times, skin moisture content can improve a lot, short time after every three hours to do a spray, skin can keep weeping, fresh every day, for a variety of skin were the special effects!

6, hair care: spray on the hair to make the hair smooth and soft, prevent UV damage, prevent hair from lampblack and other effects;

7. Bath: Add pure dew for fragrant bath;

8, indoor spraying: as a pure natural air freshener, spray a few times in the room, can sterilization, fragrance. For extremely sensitive skin, dilute to 30% with pure water for first use.

About precipitation: distilled flower water, after standing at the bottom of a little soillike very fine precipitation is a normal phenomenon