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Functions of essential oils

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Functions of essential oils

2020-07-25 09:04:19

Now that medical science has discovered that some diseases are psychosomatic, stress and anxiety can take a toll on the human body. After long-term clinical and observational studies on muscle structure and tissue cells by many experts and scholars, it has also been found that physical and emotional trauma will lead to contraction and hardening of muscle and fascia tissue.

In this case, the body will lose its original coordination and vitality, unable to maintain appropriate elasticity and balance. Continued Body stiffness has been found in many Body Work, including essential oil massage, which also reduces the range of emotional flexibility.

The Role and Efficacy of Essential Oils If we have been in a certain emotion for a long time, for example, a person will usually exhibit a certain attitude after experiencing a short period of fear, sadness or anger. In the external world, this posture is the external expression of the above specific emotions.

If you keep repeating that emotion or being in that intense mood, you tend to develop what's known as a 'Habit Pattern.' As a result, the muscle structure of the body becomes fixed, just as the emotion becomes stuck, often resulting in "disease". But often, in the course of treatment, there is an impasse because there is no obvious physical cause.

Emotions can be said to be "eddy energy in action", unreleased blocked energy, can affect the balance of body and mind. In behavior, when the emotional pain is too great to take, it's easy to shut ourselves off or pretend it doesn't matter. It is also possible to attack others involuntarily.

Obviously, emotional distress often leads to perceptual confusion and confusion, which prevents us from revealing our true feelings, establishing good relationships with others, affecting our physical health and hindering our spiritual growth. William the philosopher. As William James said, "one's physiology is closely related to one's outlook on life" is of profound significance.



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