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Effect and function of rose essential oil

Your current location : Home >> News >> Common answer

Effect and function of rose essential oil

2020-07-25 09:04:19

First, let you have a beautiful face

Rose essential oil is well known for its beautifying effect, especially for dry, sensitive and aged skin. It can enhance the skin immune function, improve the skin's natural moisturizing system ability;

It can enhance the activity of elastic fiber and collagen fiber. Soothing, calming, anti-inflammatory, gradually conditioning and convergence of microvascular, on the dilatation of microvascular cheeks caused by redness has a certain effect;

It can effectively regulate the balance of endocrine system, nourish inside and outside to fade spots, promote the decomposition and metabolism of melanin, so that women have white, elastic and healthy skin.

Two, let you maintain the devil figure

Rose essential oil can stimulate the secretion of women's own hormones, increase the level of estrogen in the body, and maintain the body's sensitivity to sex hormones, increase the body's response to estrogen,

Accelerate adipose metabolism thereby, the waist abdomen that makes a woman has obvious concave and convex outline and plump and strong chest. Perfect display of women's elegant body, soft curves.

Three, let you have a happy mood every day

Rose essential oil has more mental or emotional effects than physical ones. It aromatic rich sweet breath, can act on the nervous system, ease the secretion of the adrenal cortex;

Swamps are noted to soothe emotions, boost spirits, relieve potential stress, and release Dopamine, a pleasurable hormone. It can help women get over the baby blues or after a lover breaks up.

It makes you feel positive and confident

Rose essential oil is specially made for women. It soothes depression, sadness, jealousy and hatred. It soothes the body, cleanses the mind,

Help women to get enough sleep and rest, so that women in the most natural way to regain energy, affirm themselves, enhance self-confidence, enhance self personality charm.

Five, make you "sex" happy life

Rose essential oil function is the representative fragrance of bedroom boudoir, is the symbol of romantic love. The Romans sprinkled rose petals on the newlyweds' new beds,

Use the fragrance of rose essential oil to ease the tension of the bride's wedding night. Rose essential oil can regulate hormone levels, promote secretion, enhance sexual desire, enhance sexual attraction and sex appeal,

To create a romantic atmosphere, is the men and women to tell each other the kindness of affection; It has wonderful improvement effect on sexual desire and apathy

6. Recuperate the body and keep menstruation normal

Rose essential oil with strong feminine qualities is an excellent uterine tonic. It can fully regulate the female reproductive system function, enhance ovarian function;

Adjust the secretion of estrogen and lutein, adjust the menstrual cycle, and reduce excessive menstrual blood, promote vaginal secretion, calm premenstrual tension; Can activate blood stasis, circulation of blood, effectively improve dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, etc.

Seventh, nourish body and mind, healthy spleen and stomach

Rose essential oil has a strong physical and mental tonic effect; Can improve the body immunity, regulate hormone levels, promote circulation and metabolism,

Improve and enhance the function of urinary system, diuresis, strengthen kidney, promote toxin removal, metabolism. In addition, rose essential oil can activate and improve blood circulation,

Strengthen the elasticity of the blood vessel wall, reduce the hyperemia of the heart, and reduce the incidence of heart disease; Improve spleen function, benefit spleen and heart.

Eight, detoxification and antibacterial, liver and intestinal health

Rose essential oil has certain antibacterial and bacteriostasis functions. And can promote intestinal peristalsis, have laxative effect, purify the digestive tract, help toxin discharge and metabolism, can improve nausea, vomiting and constipation;

It can also enhance and improve liver function, remove toxins, especially reduce the toxic effect of alcohol on the liver, and improve liver congestion caused by excessive alcohol.

Nine, strengthen the stomach and intestines, let you enjoy the delicious food

To "eat to your heart's content" you need to have a healthy stomach. Rose essential oil can balance and strengthen gastrointestinal function, regulate the secretion of digestive juice, and promote digestion and absorption.

It has certain regulating and improving effect on chronic diseases such as indigestion and excessive gastric acid secretion. It has obvious function to improve stomachache caused by emotional tension and depression.

Migraine, sore throat, cough, constipation, impotence, cold, premature ejaculation, dry skin, irregular menstruation, stress relief.

Skin, beauty efficacy:

(Rose) : It is called "after essential oils". Anti - sensitive, moisturizing, breast beauty, eliminate dark circles, wrinkles, stretch marks.

Health Benefits:

Uterine tonic, cleansing, regulating uterus, calming PMS, regulating female endocrine and menstrual cycle, improving sexual cold, menopausal discomfort. Can improve nausea, vomiting and constipation, headache.

Emotional efficacy:

Calm, decompress, sleep peacefully, appease, passionate, romantic, aphrodisiac, increase confidence and popularity, relieve anger and sadness, can make women have positive feelings about themselves.


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