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How to use essential oil

Your current location : Home >> News >> Common answer

How to use essential oil

2020-07-25 09:04:19

The varieties of essential oils are very rich, and the methods of use are also different. If it is very detailed, I am afraid to write a thick monograph. I'm just going to take lavender as an example. The oil of essence of lavender is very full, after a large number of clinical cases authenticated functions include at least: pain relief, antispasmodic, antidepressant, antiseptic disinfection, anti-rheumatism, composed, eliminate scars, sterilization, deodorant, diuresis, regulate the menstrual function, balance blood pressure, insect repellent, stable nerve, nourishing and strong heart, refreshing, healing trauma, and so on and so on. The use method of lavender is quite much, for example: when washing clothes, when crossing water for the last time, drop a few lavender in water, can make the clothes take the faint fragrance of lavender. Need to help sleep, can drop a drop of lavender on cotton ball, put under the pillow, the smell of lavender can help sleep. Lavender drops in pure water, fully shaken, sprayed in the air, can be a certain degree of mosquito protection. Be in the skin by hot oil scald or have small trauma, can drop 1 drop lavender with cotton swab immediately, daub cut, can sterilize prevent infection to promote healing. There are too many examples like this. If there are other essential oils, it can be combined into more compound essential oils and get more help in life. This is the wonderful feeling that essential oils and aromatherapy can bring to us.